Welcome to Praha

The winter is bitter in the new year of our lord of 1349 as the curse of the black plague spreads throughout europe claims his victims by the hundreds.
In this dark medieval city a few new cainites struggle to survive between the fires of superstition and the black death for to be caught feeding from the ill is in itself a serious offence in the eyes of the Prince.

The Chronicle Log

Visit the Chronicle Log to check out what’s been happening in this story. See the Storyteller’s and Players view of every chapter.

The City

Learn where, and where not, you can go at nighttime. From the jewish ghetto to Vysehrad castle.
Warning: This section may not be as historicaly accurate as planned.

The Cainites

Who is who among the damned. From the High Clans to the Low Clans.
Warning: Some misterious characters may not be depicted at all.

Children of the Black Death

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